Thursday, June 9, 2016

Lore Lord Record Sheets

Lore Lord Games Player Character Record Sheets by Keith V. Thompson
During one of my many internet forays, I have stumbled across what might be some of the finest record sheets I have ever seen.

Keith V. Thompson, of Lore Lord Games, has published some excellent supplements that I highly recommend.

 I would have liked to link to a website for Lore Lord Games, but could not find one out there anywhere. If anyone is aware of their web presence, please let me know.

Player Character Record Sheets has forms for nearly any character class/race combination, complete with sheets for backpacks, spell books, and anything else you need.

Mount & Pack Animals offers a detailed and organized format in regards to the configuration of horses, mules, dogs, or just about any other mounts and animals your character makes use of.

There are also supplements called General Equipment Lists and Extended Equipment Records if you need more room or more detail.

Lastly, there is Misc. Record Sheets, which contain hex, graph, and sketch sheets to cover your mapping and art needs.

The sheets from each supplement are formatted such that organization and reference are relatively easy. The only thing I can think of that could be an improvement on these fine products is if they were editable PDFs. Be that as it may, they are worth downloading, printing out, and utilizing for any AD&D, OSRIC, or similar campaign out there.

"But Todd, where can I procure these digital treasures???" I'm glad you asked, my friend. Just look over to your left and you will see links for downloading them.

And did I mention that the best part of all this is that these supplements are absolutely FREE??? You can't beat that with at +3 Mace of Beating!



  1. Hi Todd, would you happen to know where one could find a OSR game online or a forum that hosts these OSR's ? I would really love to get into this. you can PM me on FB at mark roberts. thanks for any help.

    1. Hi Mark! There are tons of resources out there. In the left side bar of this blog, you will find links to the OSRIC rulebooks. And is an excellent source of 1E/OSR material. There are numerous Facebook groups you can join, including one that I run called Masters of the Games. I will try to find you on Facebook. :)

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